Welcome to CalligraphyPlanet!

“Art is a desire to find a way to the most beautiful thing in this world and a craftsman is always get lost in this way with gentleness… Calligraphy is also being get lost among the letters while you are looking for the most beautiful thing in your life.” (Mürekkepbalığı journal. edition: 3)
We aim to create and share your most special moments of life with the help of calligraphy and paper designs in CalligraphyPlanet. We add calligraphy art into our invitation cards.
We are looking for something extraordinary… We are carrying fashion into the paper. We take our inspiration from the world where everything is changing so fast. We design and write fancy, simple and original cards with love. And eventually, we hope that our products will reach into others’ hands with full of love…
Love is our unique guide.


Welcome to our design studio!

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